My name is Helen Wrede and I am married to Per. Our children are all grown up now and live by themselves. I have been active with horses and numerous dogs of varying breed. I have ridden contests in showjumping, eventing and dressage since the age of 13. Unfortunately, I was forced to quit with the horses because lack of time when I started studying at the Universiti in Lund.
I had my first dog when I was 7 years old, a miniature poodle. The next dog was an English springer spaniel, Honey.
In my own family, we have had a standard poodle and a Thai Ridgeback Dog. At present we have a Basenji, Zeke born in 2001 and our two Rhodesian Ridgeback girls Sihiri and Akka.

In our family we have had many different breeds but now we are stuck to the ridgebacks by their great personality, joy-giving humor and their amazing charisma.
Sihiri has won the "best head" four times and "best moves" once Ridgebackspecialtys. Sihiri was already in 2012 as a junior No. 6 and 2013 she won the swedish Top dog list, which means she became the year's most successful show dog! (of 76 deserving females)

Health and mentality. Both Sihiri and Akkas hips and elbows are x-rayed with the best result, HD = A/A and
ED = 0/0. Both have done big mental tests. Sihiri has made both Mentaltest, MH and BPH. Akka has made Mentaltest and BPH. Both dogs are very stable, completely safe, without fear and with a great sense of curiosity. You can read more under Merits

I have worked with various dog activities such as obedience,  lure coursing, tracking and dogshows. I think I have a little "eye" to find the right dog, all my dogs have been successful at shows but they've also been extremely nice familydogs. In addition both I and Catharina are extremely interested in the mental part. All my dogs have done MH and / or BPH and Hunters Association Mental tests.

Other fun hobbies beside my great interest in dogs is photography and cooking.
Jag och min älskade Sihiri sommaren 2014
Zeke, M Wamis American Devil In Disquise, SUCH, SLCCH och bl a BIS på Specialen 2007. Godkänd MH!
My love -Tuva, SweWinner 2005, FinWinner 2005 Swedish Champion, 2-best-bitch World Winner 2008 Khanbull's Ma Nee Däng