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Tvååker* Ursula Ralfe*
Exc-1 Championklass, CK, Bästa tik 2, R-CACIB
Exc-1 in Champion Class, CQ, BB-2, R-CACIB
"Beautiful girl, so well balanced, excellent angulations in front and rear. Good forechest. A brisket strong topline. Moves with grace and power.

Roskilde int* Rony Doedijns,NL*
Exc-3 Championklass, CK
Exc-3 in Champion Class, CQ
"Bitch of good type and size, feminine, has nice bone and substance, correct proportions, typical in head profile, correct in front and rear angulations, okay on the move, correct drive and reach, nice colour, presentations and temperament."
Roskilde int* Iris Urschitz, AT*
Exc-2 Championklass, CK
Exc-2 in Champion Class, CQ
"3,5 yr old, on the smaller side of the standard nice feminin head and expression, nice neck and shoulders nice chest, well angulated, friendly caracter a little bit barreld hind quarters"
Malmö international Show* Jette Ramvad, DK*
Exc-1, CK, Bästa Tik-1, BIR, CACIB
Exc-1, CQ, BB-1, BOB, CACIB
"4 years,excellent type. Correct proportions, feminine expression. Correct bite. Elegant neck and topline. Correct ridge. Excellent body. Well angulated in front and rear. Superfine bone and feet. Excellent movements. Nice temperament."

This year we did not attend so many shows.
Sihiri is already well merited and Akka is a late in life bloomer.

Nordic Winner Show* Jelena Kruus, Est*
Exc-4, CK i Championklass
Exc-4 in Champion Class, CQ

Norwegian Winner Show* Jacki Jackson, SA*
Exc- 1 vinnare i Championklass, CK, Bästa Tik-2 R-Cert, R-CACIB
Exc-1, winner of Champion class, CQ, Best Bitch-2, R-CAC, R-CACIB
World Dog Show Helsinki *Claudio De Giuliani, IT *
Excellent (101 bitches)

2014-05-11  RR Specialty
Vårgårda SRRS * Marjon Eshuis-Franke, NL *
Excellent-3, CK, Bästa Huvud
Exc-3, Best Head
"3 years. Lovely, feminin bitch. Well-balanced. Lovely, feminin head with nice expression. Elegant neck. Strong top-line. Well angulated front and rear. Nice under-line. Strong feet. Excellent, correct movement. Correct ridge and bite. Nice temperament. Well-presented"

Malmö int * John Finnich Pedersen, Dk *
Excellent-1, CK, BIM, CACIB

2013 blev Sihiri Guldhundsvinnare
Fantastiskt så glad jag blev!
Akka blev nr 26 av 76 meriterade tikar.

2013 Sihiri Swedens top winning bitch Akka was n:o 26 of  76 merited bitches.

2013-12-08 Swedish Winner 2013
HUND 13 Stockholm* Kari Järvinen, Fin *
Excellent-1, CK, Bästa tik-3 (55 tikar)
Excellent-1, CQ, Best Bitch-3 (55 bitches)
"Very good bitch. Excellent head and exp

ression. Beautiful neck and topline. Good angulations in front and rear. Excellent chest. Beautiful bone. Very good ridge. Moves elegantly."

2013-09-22 RR Specialty Show, Denmark
RRK Karlslunde, Danmark * Jette Vind Ramvad, DK *
Excellent-1 CK, Bästa tik-1, BIM, Cert, DK UCH
Exc-1, Best Bitch-1, CQ, BOS, CAC, Danish CHAMPION!
"2 years 8 months. Excellent size and entirety.Good head and feminine expression.Strong scissorbite. Dark beautiful eyes. Excellent neck and topline. Correct ridge. Well angulated. Good bone and paws. Sound ribcage.Sound typical movements. Wonderful temperament."

2013-07-07 RR Specialty BISS13
SRRS specialen Höör * Rikard van Aken, NL *
Excellent-3, CK, Bästa Tik-9  (68 tikar)
Excellent-3, CQ, Best Bitch-9 (68 bitches)

Borås * David Peat, USA * Excellent-1,  CK, Bästa Tik-1, BIR, BIG-3
Exc-1- Championclass,  CQ, Best Bitch-1,  BOB, BIG-3

2013-06-09 RR Specialty Show
SRRS Västra * Clayton Heatcock US*
Excellent-1 öppenklass, CQ, 4:a Bästa Tik, cert, CHAMPION! Bästa rörelser!
Exc-1, CQ open class, Best Bitch-4,  CAC, CHAMPION, ​Best movement!
Malmö int * Inger Dahle, Norway *
Excellent-1 öppenklass, CK, Bästa Tik-2, Cert, R-CACIB
Exc-1, CQ open class, Best Bitch-2, CAC, R-CACIB

My Dog Göteborg int * Robert Dawson, Filippinerna *
Excellent-1 unghundsklass, CK, Bästa Tik-4  
Exc-1 intermediate class, CQ, Best Bitch-4
"Solid well-muscled bitch of typical type. Good strong head. Good under-jaw. Lovely neck. Very nice angulation front and rear. Moves very nicely!"


2012 blev Sihiri nr 6 på Guldhundslistan
Fantastiskt för en så ung tik som endast tävlat i junior och unghundsklass!

2012 Sihiri was n:o 6 at the the Swedish Topdog list
A meritlist for show dogs. I think its fabolous since she is so young and she has only been shown in junior and intermediate class.

2012-12-15  Swedish Winner Show 2012
 Stockholm int * Jeffrey Horswell, GB *
Excellent-1 unghundskl, CK.
Exc-1-intermediate class CQ

Sofiero int * John Philip, India *
Excellent-1 unghundsklass CQ, Bästa tik-3, Cert (34 tikar).
Exc-1 intermediate class, CQ, Best Bitch-3 CAC (34 bitches)

2012-09-08 RR Specialty Show
Råå  * Wera Hübenthal, Norge * 19 months*
Exc, CK, 1:a unghundsklass, Bästa tik-5, res-Cert, Bästa Huvud
Exc-1, Best Bitch - 5, res CAC, Best Head (Nina Karlsdotter, Sweden)
"Nicely balanced head. Moderate stop. Wellplaced ears. Good eyecolour and shape. Correct bite. Good bone and feet. Moderate reach of neck. Good depth of body and topline. Good loin and rearquarters. Good tail and placement. Acceptable crown and ridge. Good coatcolour and condition. Good overall movement."
2012-08-12 Specialty Show BISS12
Gävle, 18 months * Filiberto Arniella, Puerto Rico *
Excellent CK, 1 unghundsklass och Bästa tik-7 (68 tikar) Bästa Huvud
Exc-1 intermediateclass, CQ, Best Bitch-7 ( 68 bitches) The shows Best Head
"Beautiful and excellent head. I like her front assembly very much. Her rearangulation is balanced with her front. I like her overall balance very much. She moves powerfully."

2012-06-03 Specialty Show
Vårgårda int  * Lyn Hewson, England *
16 months  Excellent, Bästa tik-2, res CAC, Bästa Huvud
Exc, Best Bitch-2, res CAC, Best Head

Mjölby puppyshow, * Patrik Cederlöf * ~ 11 months *HP, BIR, BIG-1,

2011-07-02  Specialty Show BISS-11
Stockholm * Linda Parke, England  * HP, BIR, BIS-1-valp  
HP, BOB, BIS-1 puppy , 5 months 2 weeks
"Beautiful head. Lovely dark eye. Good depth of muzzle. God topline and tailset. Very good forechest and depth of chest. Very well performed for such a baby! Moved very well."

RR Society's club show, Stockholm * Sofie Lönn * HP, BIR, BIS-1-valp  
HP, BOB, BIS-1-puppy   5 months 2 weeks

Tollarp inoff * Jesper Andersson  * Erna Britt Nordin (BIS) *
HP, BIR, BIS-2 valp  HP, BOB, BIS-2-puppy  

Show Åhus inoff * Boo Lundström * HP, BIR, BIS-2 valp
HP, BOB, BIS-2-puppy

Show Växjö inoff * Hanne Winninge * HP, BIR, BIS-1-valp
HP, BOB, BIS-1-puppy