Both Sihiri and Akka has made Hunters Associations big mental test which, however, is an unofficial test. Sihiri have done MH and later BPH. Akka has done BPH (Behavioural and personality description dog), some photos below.
The bad guy jumps up
important to sey hallo
after scary noise
walk on uncomfortable surfaces
Mental Test Sihiri at 15 months of age and Akka at 12 months of age that both dogs are very young and not yet fully developed.
As young dogs have not yet developed their sharpness and strength to act. Test Manager Barbro Börjesson and PO Eriksson.
My figure shows the level of activity in the MH-description. The further out the higher activity. Darker blue field = higher coefficient (important feature). The white bar in the background corresponds to my very own desired characteristics of an adult dog.
NOTE! Gunshot proof is equivalent to 5 or 6 points.​
Film Sihiris mentaltest
Film Sihiris MH
Mer om hur en mentaltest gr till

 Description and pictures av the test in swedish

PO Erikssons (the tester) words of Akka after the mental test.
"This is a very young dog, 12 months, and they are not fully developed mentally yet. In the last period of development they  develop aggression and the desire to defend himself  - at about 2-2½ years of age. Then it's different sometimes, even here there may be but it is in the final stage of development.
Now we saw Akka here, a really nice girl. You have a very good relationship with her and she relies 100% on you. She is open and available, she has thus benefit from that she likes people. We saw not so much hunt, insignificant, thus running after a change. She could have run out and then hesitated, now it was not so. She has little fighting spirit, but she would like to invite herself when she has the opportunity. We saw it when she abreact the drum old man, and when I was playing with her. So there is little there that can be developed in the future, but it ends up on the small. She is lively and quick starter, want to check out what it is when it comes to temperament. Slight sharpness, minimal defense. There is a bit isolated on the ghosts, and some of the rooms the old man. It's just like it's going a bit like that, oh, since she is not really comfortable in it. It is something that is not really developed yet. But, she learns very quickly. I took her to himself, that I was an asset at the outset, and then she thought that I was good. Magnus also became the (helper, drum old man). Figure woods tweaked she was also very nice so therefore she is not so cowardly, but she is small and requires the help of you when she thinks it's scary. Then she has very good nerves. That's probably where you feel it's her cool attitude, she can relax. She has not stressed up sometime, I can say firmly that she was under the influence and chosen -that we can go from here. Then she solves it up when you take the initiative - come here now - she does it. We have put her right between these (relatively permanent nerve-nerve fixed), she can safely land on the nervous stuck with the handling, as you have now. It's just to continue. Very good concentration, she concentrates very well and have quick abreaction. Thus abreaction is when she comes back and there - which measures the man and oh well then it's done! So she is quick in her abreaction. Little, little time was at the overall, little, little bit, but it was the only place. And the reaction that disappears on the shoots. So the breeder was very happy. "
Film från Akkas mentaltest
Mentaltest Sihiri, 15 mån och Akka 12 mån.
Sihiris mentaltest motsvarar gröna fält
Akkas mentaltest motsvarar orange fält
Randiga fält = när båda har samma värde/reaktion.
Below, the mentaltest in English.Please click on it.
BPH - Sihiri, FP främmande person, NP närmande person
BPH - Akka, FP främmande person, NP närmande person